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Daniil Simkin

American Ballet Theater
Leading male soloist and principal dancer at ABT New York, has won prestigious global competitions and excelled in classical/neoclassical roles. He's globally recognized for his pirouettes.

Léonore Baulac

Paris Opera Ballet
A star Étoile at Paris Opera, rose from early rejections to worldwide acclaim and numerous awards. Now, she aims to share her learned knowledge via a masterclass, reflecting her remarkable ballet journey.

Shahar Binyamini

Former Batsheva Dance Company dancer and Gaga movement language teacher, has a global impact as a choreographer and Ohad Naharin's assistant. He initiated his international choreographic journey in 2016, crafting pieces for global companies.

Luke Abnett

Former Physiotherapist
Royal Ballet School
Specializing in injury prevention and optimized training, his years at the Royal Ballet School in London cultivated a unique, science-based physiotherapy approach, fueling dancers to safely achieve their full potential.

Anna Ol

Dutch National Ballet
 Principal dancer with Dutch National Ballet, is renowned for classical roles, collaboration with top choreographers, and numerous accolades, including 'Best dancer of the year'. A global guest performer, her influence is far-reaching.

Polina Semionova

Berlin State Ballet
Considered one of the most iconic prima ballerinas of the 21st century, she has won multiple awards including ‘Benois de la Danse’ and ‘Dancer of the Year’ (Dance Mag, Germany). Proud mother of 2. 

Mike Tyus

Choreographer / Film-Producer
 Los Angeles-based choreographer and producer, co-founder of Jacob Jonas The Company and associate producer for Films.Dance, combines dance and film to engage global audiences. 

Juliano Nunes

 Brazilian-born, a late-blooming dancer turned prominent choreographer, exhibits what dedication can yield. His journey from Mannheim's Academy of Dance to European dance companies has culminated in creating emotionally stirring works.

Misa Kuranaga

San Francisco Ballet
 Gold medalist in global ballet competitions and a Benois de la Danse nominee, has thrived as a principal dancer at Boston and San Francisco Ballet for over a decade, captivating audiences worldwide.

Rachel Fine

Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics
 Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and former professional dancer, aids dancers' relationships with food and performance nutrition. Her non-diet approach and education initiatives have worldwide recognition.

Sylvie Guillem

"The Greatest Ballerina of All Time"
Known for her flexibility, strength, and expressiveness, revolutionized ballet by redefining the traditional ballerina image. Pioneering in merging classical ballet with contemporary dance, she's renowned as a multi-talented performer.

Tiler Peck

New York City Ballet
A musicality-driven Principal Dancer with the New York City Ballet from Bakersfield, CA, has transcended genres thanks to her distinctive technique and style. Her notable achievements extend beyond ballet into acting, directing, and dance curation.

Tess Voelker

Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT)
 Emerging talent, currently with Nederlands Dans Theater, was chosen to choreograph for Paris Opéra Ballet in 2020. Born in San Francisco and trained in various dance styles, she has received significant awards like the Youth American Grand Prix.

James Wilton

Artistic Director / Teacher
Award-winning choreographer James Wilton is known for his athletic, artistic approach to modern dance, making waves across UK dance companies. His sought-after teaching inspires dancers of all levels, highlighting technique and strength.

Yanis Marshall

Teacher / Choreographer
Renowned dancer, teacher, and choreographer Yanis Marshall, known for his game-changing heels dance style rooted in ballet and jazz, hails from France. His innovative approach and signature Heels Intensives inspire dancers globally, emphasizing technique.

Osiel Gouneo

The Bavarian State Ballet
Trained at the Cuban National Ballet School and rose to principal dancer in Havana and at Bavarian State Staatsballett in Munich. A global performer and award-winning dancer, he now teaches his successful techniques and secrets to impressive jumps.

Louisa Paterson

Master Trainer
 Ex-professional ballet dancer and current master trainer, Louisa, transitioned from global ballet performances to ballet-inspired fitness instruction. Blending her dance experience and Masters in Personal Training, she offers unique workouts to empower dancers' growth.

MN Dance

Artistic Directors
 Michal and Nastja, dance collaborators for over 15 years, blend their expertise in hip hop, contemporary and ballet. Michal, a five-time Hip Hop World Champion, transitioned to contemporary, while Nastja's ballet and modern background guided her to the world of contemporary. 

Katie Boren

American Ballet Theater / Certified Fitness Instructor
 Besides being a professional ballerina, Katie became a NASM-certified personal trainer. Merging ballet and fitness knowledge, she significantly influences dance-centric training programs globally.

Iana Salenko

Berlin State Opera Ballet, Royal Ballet London
 Principal dancer for 15 years and winner of numerous competitions, also guest principals at The Royal Ballet. Known for classical roles like Giselle and Juliet, she now shares her career insights with the next generation of dancers.

Yolanda Carrera

Cuba National Ballet, Berlin State Ballet, Norwegian National Ballet 
 As a star dancer at the Cuban National Ballet, she went on to win multiple international awards before moving to Europe, where her career continued to soar. As a principal dancer in Berlin and Oslo, Yolanda performed countless classical roles around the world.

Whitney Jensen

Boston Ballet, Norwegian National Ballet
 An award-winning dancer of the Varna International Ballet Competition, Whitney jump-started her career with the Boston Ballet where she became one of the youngest principal dancers in company history. She has since moved to Oslo to continue her professional career as a principal dancer.

Matthew Ball

The Royal Ballet London
 Born in Liverpool, Matthew Ball rapidly ascended to Principal Dancer at The Royal Ballet by 2018. In addition to partnering with international ballet stars, he has branched into choreography, fashion, and film, earning critical acclaim and awards along his journey.

Mayara Magri

The Royal Ballet London
 Brazilian-born Mayara Magri earned a ballet scholarship at eight, won major awards by 16, and quickly rose to prominence at The Royal Ballet in the UK, dazzling audiences in various productions.

Kenan Dinkelman

International Floorwork Master
 German contemporary dancer, famed for his innovative "Flow Acrobatics", a style that has spread worldwide through his acclaimed workshops and performances.

Nicholas Palmquist

International Dance Educator
   Nicholas, a former professional dancer turned teacher, gained worldwide recognition for his empowering and genuine teaching style, encouraging students to express emotions through dance.

Lucas Lima

Norwegian National Ballet
  Lucas, originally from Brazil, honed his skills at London's Royal Ballet School, rose to principal dancer at the Norwegian National Ballet, and now teaches at their school.

Dr. Peter Lovatt

Former Dance Psychologist
Royal Ballet School
  Dr. Peter Lovatt, former Dance Psychologist at the Royal Ballet School and professional dancer, inspires teachers worldwide and shares insights on enhancing teaching methods through his books and TED Talks.

Tomas Karlborg

Ballet Master
  Originally from Sweden, Tomas rose to success as a first solo dancer before making his mark as the world renowned ballet master he is today. With over 40 years experience in the world of professional ballet, his expertise shines through in his fun and easy teaching style that is sure to bring joy to any dancer.

Marian Walter

Berlin State Opera Ballet
   Marian, a renowned German principal dancer with the Berlin State Opera Ballet, is celebrated for his exceptional technique, stage presence, and contributions to the dance world through mentoring and workshops.

Elisa Carrillo Cabrera

Berlin State Opera Ballet
   As a Mexican principal dancer, Elisa is celebrated for her dynamic performances and versatility and has earned acclaim in both classical and contemporary roles. Elisa is also actively involved in promoting ballet in Mexico.

Victor Caixeta

Dutch National Ballet
   As a Brazilian principal dancer, Victor has quickly gained recognition in the ballet world. A former soloist with the Mariinsky Ballet, he continues to enchant audiences with his performances in both classical and modern repertoires.

Viviana Monolo

Intuitive Yoga teacher
   As a former ballerina, Viviana discovered her love for yoga while dancing with the Accademia Teatro alla Scala and the Hamburg Ballett with John Neumeier. She is the top choice for dancers seeking flexibility and balance to enhance both mind and body.