Course Developer / Script Writer

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—> We offer writing jobs for freelancers on a regular basis.

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As a Course Developer / Script Writer, you'll be key in crafting content that captivates and educates for our masterclasses. Your role involves developing everything from course outlines to complete scripts for video lessons, making sure everything aligns with our educational goals and standards.


Your Collaboration with ChatGPT:

Working efficiently with ChatGPT to co-develop scripts is crucial. This role is less about being highly creative in writing and more about your ability to partner with ChatGPT effectively, aiming for peak efficiency and productivity.

We understand it's not possible to know everything about every topic, so we lean on AI to cut down on research time. Your primary skill should be in structuring content in a clear and effective manner. You need to excel at creating courses that not only educate but also deliver an exceptional learning experience, with ChatGPT as your supporting tool.



  •  Craft detailed course outlines and lesson plans that align with our educational goals.
  •  Create engaging and informative scripts for video-based dance lessons.
  •  Work with dance professionals to ensure content is accurate and relevant.
  •  Stay up-to-date with the latest dance trends and teaching methods.
  •  Collaborate with production teams to turn scripts into high-quality educational videos.



  •  Skilled at presenting complex ideas in a clear and engaging way.
  •  Ability to simplify and clarify complex concepts.
  •  Solid understanding of the dance industry, ideally with personal dance experience.
  •  Proficiency in using ChatGPT for content creation.
  •  In-depth knowledge of dance techniques and teaching methodologies.
  •  Team player, able to work well with different departments.
  •  Creative mindset with a strong interest in education and the arts.



You will join a team of curious and passionate folks committed to creating the best learning experiences for dancers around the world.

We value transparency, collaboration, and results. We are a small core team with open doors for new ideas, where everyone's actions have a meaningful impact.


Please send us an email with your CV and a selfie video (max. 2 mins) in which you answer the following 2 questions:

  1. Why are you interested in this position?
  2. What do you know about Dance Masterclass?


(We assure you that your video and personal data will be handled with complete discretion and confidentiality).

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We are looking forward to your email! 

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